It is never an easy business being around someone that, at times, pushes (all) your buttons. I, however, have learned over time that liberal contradictions can be extremely beneficial for personal and relationship growth, as long as you care about and respect the person whom you interact with enough. Because of the relationship, there is … Continue reading Contradictions

You, or Me

I often close my eyes and wonder about the people with whom I have genuine connections. It took me a great deal of time to realise that I and my people do not own each other, but mutually own something powerful: clues about myself/himself/herself. Jazz is magical, margarita means sexy happiness, nature is a remedy, greatness is … Continue reading You, or Me

The Olympian

I sat quietly among the audience and watched my dearest friend, the Olympian - my favourite long jump athlete - on a Saturday afternoon. It was his worst performance in ten years. To me, the result was foreseeable. He wrote me a few weeks earlier, said he was injured due to the unexpected cold winter of … Continue reading The Olympian

The Gap

  'The Gap' is an important concept. In science, we always work with hypotheses and/or abstract questions that we hope no one has ever answered. Then we conduct the "literature review", a task requires reading from hundreds to thousands credible sources of information. Normally, by the time we are half way through the literature review, … Continue reading The Gap

Reflection on my work at Remote Year

Remote Year is indeed a badass startup, it "brings together communities of professionals, entrepreneurs, and adventurers for an unforgettable year of personal and professional growth. Together, they spend a year living, working, and travelling in 12 different cities (around the planet), seeing the world as they never have before." I joined the company 6 months … Continue reading Reflection on my work at Remote Year

My letter to God

I would never forget the darkest night of my life, a night that would haunt me for many years thereafter. I sat on the pavement of Lonsdale street in Melbourne and cried out loud. It was June 2008 and my life had turned upside down in a short month. I was suddenly out of law … Continue reading My letter to God

Varsity day

Oxford, England May 2016  Alan had earned the Oxford Blues (athlete) title and was about to compete in the annual Varsity between Oxford University and Cambridge University. We had a little fight the night before the game. Alan was upset since some of his friends wouldn't be able to make it. I was busy writing … Continue reading Varsity day

In the heart of life

Dan Eldon is my hero. He died at 22 while photographing the Somalia civil war, ironically in an attack originated by the United Nations. Dan is the person that satisfies my quest for the foundation of moral, he said: “Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is due to ignorance, not intent. Children must be taught … Continue reading In the heart of life

A place that scares me

An imperfect moment  I have a habit of screening through pictures, years of pictures, maybe once every week. I have always looked for the perfect moments in the past. For some reasons, I have an ideal version of the past - it is always perfect. I was born a perfectionist. I live for the beauty. … Continue reading A place that scares me

Meditation on Preparation

One can never be prepared enough to be Alexander the Great, one can never be prepared enough to be the President. Similarly and realistically, you can never be prepared enough for the new, the bigger, the greater, and lots of times the unimaginable. What is in the word 'Preparation'? Preparation is the art of building your stairs, … Continue reading Meditation on Preparation