My letter to God

I would never forget the darkest night of my life, a night that would haunt me for many years thereafter.

I sat on the pavement of Lonsdale street in Melbourne and cried out loud. It was June 2008 and my life had turned upside down in a short month. I was suddenly out of law school due to the global financial crisis (resulted in my family’s bankruptcy); I was suddenly diagnosed with a tumour and was commanded an operation; my first love, whom I trusted with all my heart for many years, suddenly dated my best friend.

I questioned my existence, I cried and wanted to vanish from the planet. A stranger walked by and gave me a pack of tissue. I said “Thank you” but never looked up. The reality that I was dying physically and mentally was beyond comprehension.

At dawn the next morning I made a decision, and thus, I have spent every day and night of the following nine years writing and perfecting a letter to God:


Please please please always let my faith bigger than my fear. 

Please grant me, my beloved & people health, love, freedom and wealth. 

Please grant me a man with big dreams and big heart, since a man with dreams needs a woman with vision.

In my prayer, I bring my wishes to you and with my faith, I leave my wishes with you. 

I never doubt that you can, but I trust that you will – You will let me bend, but you won’t let me break. You don’t make things easy, but for me you will make them possible. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you God. 
I believe, believe, believe in your guidance.


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