Midnight in our minds

Deep down in my mind lies some secrets, some sentiments I cannot describe. Those sacred and private feelings are all about you & I; and about the beautiful stories of our lives.

Our hearts speak the eternal language of devotion and undying loyalty. No one can touch this land in our minds. I would not travel to this place with anyone else but you. We are friends, partners; and this is the story of our love:

You show me your love by fulfilling your promises. Your actions speak for the truth. Your expressions speak for your true feelings. You define your love to me by your respect for yourself and myself.

At the furthest corners of our minds lies the private world of two little kids. We talk about things that no one else can hear. We forgive each other, and sometimes we start again from scratch. We always stay strong together. We do not undermine our relationship by talking behind one’s back and we do not betray the confidence of the other.

Time has taught us many things, good and bad, about both of us. I’m very grateful for this relationship. At midnight in our minds, we are always together. Our love is not something that we feel just for a moment. We will not replace the other with something else. We will not chase one happiness after another. I believe in our love.

Our love has no time limit; it is not just to be shared today or tomorrow. Eternity is the only language of our hearts; and you could be anyone that shows me your true colours without any label, be my trusted friend!

I love you too!

– Skye 

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