Britain, my Great Britain! – Chapter 4: Let me play you a song?


“Train departs in 2 minutes”

As I was running, I quickly dropped a few coins into the hat of the street violinist. I have always admired artists and hard-workers.

“Sorry old man, I don’t really have time for you today.” – I told him when he smiled at me.

The day passed by swiftly; once I had visited a few landmarks and acknowledged that they would always be there, they somewhat lost their values.

It was dark when I came back. The old man was still there. I smiled at him then went on with my grocery shopping.

“Sorry again old man, shops are closing soon!” – I whispered.

Later on, when I was waiting for my bus, the old man came:

“The car park will close in 15 minutes. Let me play you a song?”

“Do you know Mozart Sonata 36?”

“Of course my dear.”

Everyone at the bus stop gave the old man a round of applause when the song ended. He bowed in his tailored suit.

– Skye 

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