Britain, my Great Britain! – Chapter 1: I plan to live in castles

This kingdom is restless, which makes it a nightmare to love… at first sight!


I arrived at Heathrow on September13, 2015. I told Julian (a cat that Kory gave me):

– You know what, I only plan to live in castles and work on rockets!

Even though I had a book named “1000 things to do in London”, I didn’t really go out during the first month. What was I waiting for?

In my mind, I worked on a master plan of how this kingdom will treat me. In my diary I wrote:

– Julian, I only plan to live in castles and I will take you with me. We can act beggars and street artists by day, at night we will sleep on Queen’s bed.

I always consider my way of thinking romantic.

Matt is a famous journalist and broadcaster, an economist and loudspeaker. In my previous role, dealing with hotels, I was able to host him during his trip to Asia, in exchange for some publications.

By the time I arrived in London, Matt had already invited me to spend time with his family in Devon and discuss our possible co-production. I accepted.

Later on, I discovered that Devon is also home to one of the most powerful men in my life. Nevertheless, the real power was over the hills and far away – Devon, my sceptred isle, was indeed one finest countryside.

I found a castle. When I told Julian, he looked at the frame hanging on my wall – “To the mind that is still, the whole world surrenders.”

– Skye

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