He turned the music on and they lied down for 4 or 5 hours. Their Sunday morning was indeed long due to a simple truth – they were out the night before.
Brave was holding a girl when Audrey arrived at the nightclub.
“You look beautiful. Interesting dress.”
“What is this woman doing in between us?”
“I don’t know.”
With their heads bending behind the back of the girl with big boobs, they kissed. That was the first time the once lovers saw each other since they went their separate ways several years ago.
“Hey dude, what are you doing outside the ladies room?” – Another dude shouted at Brave.
“Waiting for my girl.” – he whispered.
“Let’s go Mr Brave. I have something for you.”
“It’s 3 a.m.”
“It’s just another white night of us. We’re used to this, aren’t we?”
“Whatever makes you happy, Audrey.”
Stepped on a taxi, they held each other’s hands and pointed to the yellow light outside…
“Our 14th encounters with the yellow light”, said Brave.
It was almost dawn when they reached his place.
“So here we are, in the same house again. I have written a lot when we were apart. I’ll leave the notes here. Read them if you want to, Brave.”
“Can you read them out loud to me, right now?”
“I can’t. I will cry.”
“I’m here.”
“… Every time you went away, you took a piece of me with you. But I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to love you the way you want me to – Accept that you are always right… You were always so strong and I was always so weak. I was always wrong. In my dreams, I screamed out the hell out of you dominance. I was always alone while everyone praised our perfect love…”
“Look at you tearful kid. Do you see the lines around my eyes? I’ve begun to realise that I’m not that impeccable. And after everything you’re still here, not everyone understands how lonely I am on top of the world. It was always my sin not knowing how to love a woman.”
“So here it is – A less bitter goodbye for us.”
“I don’t know, I don’t know Audrey. If we belong together, fate will bring you back. For now, hold me tight and sleep. No more tears babe. We have lived and we have loved. Don’t cry for me.”
– Skye

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