How much is an hour of Mom worth?

Seth Godin once said: “The system we grew up with is a mess. It’s falling apart at the seams and a lot of people I care about are in pain because the things we thought would work don’t. Everyday I meet people whom have so much to give but have been bullied enough or frightened enough to hold it back.”

Seth’s statement has been one great inspiration. It’s applicable to many people, however, not to Mom, any Mom. Your Mom is probably the only person who would say: “Fuck the mess, fuck the system, let me be bullied, let anyone scare the hell out of me, I have a lot to give to my kid and I will do that, even if he’s a criminal.”

I truly have no motivation to become the richest person on earth or the most powerful, nevertheless I would never choose to be a loser, a coward, an idiot or a truly unhappy person; even though life at times could be so much easier if I had given up. How so?

Because… My Mom (or your Mom) chose to live her entire life with imperfect systems and (I believe) was many times being threatened some ways or another to raise the kids. I’m not allowed to make her work for free.

– Skye

2 thoughts on “How much is an hour of Mom worth?

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mother! I was touched by your words and wholeheartedly agree that Moms are champions!! Thank you for sharing such a sweet post. Ps I love Seth Godin!!! 🙂


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