Mum’s advice to finance

My Mum said something about money around 10 years ago (I was then asking her for some money): “You look sad. If you could just make a sad face and ask for money then get it every time, you’d soon become a billionaire. For now, I should be the one who looks sad, because I can’t say No to you and will give you the money without a repayment scheme anyway.”

That’s exactly it!

There are funds which you can completely depend on without having to think about repayment, interest, whatever. Let’s put it this way, every government needs innovations, new weapons, secret competitive edges, problems solving… – those things (and probably you too) will be classified as national treasures. That’s it! You could just make a sad face about some problems then establish huge ventures with almost free capital. Next thing, blow those experiments up as many times as you wish buddy (I’m kidding).

Thanks Mum!

– Skye 

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