My version of ‘Les Miserables’

Inequality sucks

I know the miseries of the poorer (in terms of wealth, intellectual, class, compassion, etc.) by heart. My mother is (still) the less successful one among 2 sisters. During my childhood, even though we grew up together, I was always jealous of my cousins whom got enrolled at international schools and got to fly overseas for vacations.

It’s worth noted that I had never once in my life blamed my parents, or my aunt and cousins. They are such loving people and I prayed to God that please place me in my family in next lives to come. I’m very thankful to my parents and aunt (whom I considered my second mother) whom worked the hell out of them to send all the kids to English language school (it was very expensive in Vietnam 20 years ago) and set high expectations for us. One summer when I was 12, my aunt took the young crew on a flight to Singapore. I realised Vietnam is such a small and poor country. Everything I saw in Singapore was magical, even the toys for toddlers looked awesome, and almost everyone there was able to take those things for granted.

“Inequality sucks” was the conclusion of my childhood. Lack of any kind of wealth makes you a jealous and greedy person.

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary  

There’s one good aspect of the 21st century – Humanity has fought so hard for the earth that has become a fairly peaceful planet (on current war fields, I’m pretty sure people are fighting for the same thing). By peaceful, I meant we now have choices: to stick with the Status Quo or to get ourselves out of them.

Now, any Status Quo means nothing but accumulated layers of laziness and incompetence.

Digital era makes it now the easiest time in the entire history for people to fill up their own intellectual capacity. I haven’t missed any chance to widen my horizon, at least intellectually. When I was about 10, I sort of decided that I no longer wanted to be that miserable person who had to envy anyone for anything. I chose myself to be that Extraordinary soul. And yeah, f**k optimism or good imagination, I’m gonna work my way to freedom (to enjoy my life the ways I want, soon). And if there need to be Revolutions, to transition my life into a better one, I actually prefer that they’re bloody.

That Woman  

(1) Inequality does one thing to women’s hair – makes it blonde, blonder, and blonder ’til it becomes platinum.

(2) Women LOVE security, they’re vulnerable creatures.

(1) + (2) = Men generally dominate the world and treat women the ways they want (both good and bad) by offering different kinds of security (financial, emotional…)

Let me tell you one story – I’m 24, living in my own (rented) nice apartment. And it’s the greatest feeling on earth to be the complete Boss of your life. I could always make breakfast, even though most of the time it was the guy. I could invite him over for a drink, WITH conditions. I could ask him out of my house (or my life) if he was being disrespectful.

When you are an independent woman with principles and a good heart, there’re no such questions like: “What was wrong with me?” “Why men always do such and such to me?”… My dear, no one is allowed to hurt you unless you let them. When you are that woman, all kinds of jealousy are complete bores for all involved, regardless of whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. It’s a no-win game. And sulking, oh well, it’s just a dull show of your backside.

Trust me, everyone is a good person, we just need to be constantly reminded about the acceptable/unacceptable boundaries. And no one would listen to you if you set your own standards low.

– Skye

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